Swim School Photography

One of our photographers attends a swim school on a pre-arranged date to take photos of the children learning to swim. So remember to wear your favorate togs!

We return the following week to offer the opportunity to purchase a professional photo of your child underwater.

All photos are put on a CD. 

The cost of swim school photos are:

  • 1 Photo    $38*
  • 2 Photos  $66
  • 3 Photos  $88
  • Additional photos $22 each (after 3 have been purchased)

*Group / sibling photos when purchased singularly are $55. However if purchased as part of multiple photos are included in the above pricing.

Private Photo Shoot

A private shoot is great way to celebrate an occasion or milestone such as a birthday. We can cater for fun birthday parties or simply get great photos of individuals or families.

We love fancy dress! Costumes make for some great photos and we are happy to discuss whatever ideas you have or can give you some inspiration from our past experience.

One of our photographers will come to your pool or we can organise a private session at one of our partner pools. Private shoots usually last approximately 1 hour. 

You will get approximately 10 professionally finished photos on a CD.

The cost for a private session is $249.

Maternity Photo shoots

Maternity shoots are designed to capture special memories of your pregnancy. In our opinion they are best scheduled around 33-36 weeks* so that your bump is nice and prominent. This is the main subject matter after all!

Allow up to 3 hours for the session as this far through your pregnancy we like to take it nice and easy. Our aim is also to capture some beautiful moments which cannot be rushed. However most mum's to be we have taken photos of have commented how nice it is to be in the water.

What to wear for your shoot - we recommend loose floaty dresses and tops, bright colours, textures and patterns work well. We will bring a range of materials that make beautiful wraps and stunning images. We will contact you prior to the shoot to discuss any ideas you may have.

Maternity shoots can be held at your own pool or we can organise a private session at one of our partner pools.  

You will get a minimum of 15 images professionally finished on a USB.

The cost for a private session is $499.